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Redefining Automated Screwdriving

Fully Automated Screwgun & Feeder System

Compact Design

Improved Safety

Plug & Play

High Reliability


Automated Screwdriving Systems

  • Easy to Setup

  • Plug and Play System with built in control.

  • Drive and feed at the same time for fast cycle time

Parts and Service

  • Fast Delivery

  • Full-Service Tech Response


  • Vision Based Alignment

  • Custom Jaws

Rendering of Screw Feeder


“Proto brought something we were not used to getting in such an extent from our suppliers — huge creativity, responsibility, positive energy, trust, dedication, honesty and personal integrity. Proto quickly gained our trust — from technical standpoint their products were always far beyond expectations, as they are very customer oriented and talented company.”
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Technical Director & Technical Development

Eissmann Automotive North America

"We are satisfied with the product...we have 5 step feeders...running 3 shifts 6 days [per week] without mistake.

The machine reaction is fantastic. 
I would highly recommend this step feeder."

Quotation Marks

Automation Coordinator

Marelli Automotive Lighting

“Proto Machine Works has been a fantastic addition as our preferred machined components supplier – they have helped us in design and fabrication well beyond other machine shops in the Huntsville market.”
Quotation Marks

Huntsville Operations Engineering Supervisor


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